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When working with forensic images, our specialists a state-of-the-art system to provide the best results. The IMPRESS Functional system is made by IMIX™ and utilises the latest image processing and enhancement software. As Mask Technology Limited, in Newbury, Berkshire, represents IMIX in the UK, we are able to supply the IMPRESS Functional systems we use to our customers, allowing them to work with images themselves.

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The IMPRESS Functional System

The Impress Functional system for video and still-picture enhancement is designed for use by law enforcement agencies and organisations. In addition to a full range of image enhancement features, the IMPRESS system also offers an audit trail with playback facility to replay processing operations, case management, and tools for court presentation. Additionally, the processed video may be displayed on a second external PAL video monitor. IMPRESS also features deblurring capabilities, integration of non-consecutive frames, and a macro builder facility.

Image Enhancement Features

Through a straightforward user interface, the IMPRESS Functional system allows operators with no previous detailed knowledge of image processing to use it effectively. It has many image enhancement features, including:

Live Image Operation

IMPRESS Functional acquires live and still images and provides live zoom and pan. The zoomed image can be displayed on a second (PAL or NTSC) video monitor, and a region of interest can be selected. The image can consist of both the odd and even fields, or individual fields may be viewed. A live image can be captured instantaneously.

Noise Reduction

IMPRESS Functional offers three filters for noise reduction (average, median, and low-pass) where the filter strength is determined by a single parameter.

Contour Enhancement

IMPRESS Functional has a set of seven contour extraction filters and user-definable kernels. The result of the filter is added to the weighted original image, giving the effect of contrast enhancement.


This may be accomplished by three different algorithms, based on "inverse filtering", Deblurring requires the operator to set only one or two parameters.

Contrast Enhancement

The contrast of the image can be stretched automatically, while a manual grey-level map may also be used for more complex scenes. Thermographic images can be processed with a pseudo-colour facility. Grey level mapping produces a live update of the image and its histogram.

Geometrical Correction

Portions of an image may be warped using a second degree polynomial to compensate for perspective distortions.

Image Integration

Dark images can be enhanced using integration. The operator may do this manually, adding image by image, or automatically in real time up to a maximum of 10,000 frames. Non-consecutive frames may be integrated as well.

Case Management and Security

All operations relating to a case are stored in an audit trail for that case. IMPRESS can then replay the functions contained in that audit trail.

Image Sequence Browser

IMPRESS has the ability to capture up to 10 seconds of uncompressed video to system memory. The user can step easily through the captured image sequence to select the most useful images. Since the VCR has not been operated in jog mode, the images retain maximum quality, while tape damage is minimised.

Court Presentations

Several dedicated drawing tools are included to allow the creation of court presentations. The tools are secured from image editing use. Presentations may be recorded directly to VCR or printed on hardcopy video printers..

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